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Advanced Presentation Skills

Become an expert at presenting to and engaging with an audience of any size.


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Advanced Presentation Skills

Become an expert at presenting to and engaging with an audience of any size.

Course Outcome

  • Presentation equals preparation
  • Relaxation and nerve control
  • To build audience rapport
  • Voice techniques & body language

Advanced Presentation Skills

Become an expert at presenting to and engaging with an audience of any size.

Course Outline

Before The Presentation

  • Audience Profile
  • To be a great presenter you have to tailor the content to suit the audience you’ll be delivering to. Remember: It’s less about what you want to say and more about what your audience needs to know...

  • Structure
  • When crafting a presentation, it’s crucial to have a clear and concise structure to your message so the audience can understand what you’re saying and what they’re being asked to do...

  • Formula for Great Presenters
  • Most people believe great presenters are simply born that way. The truth is most great presenters started out by being ineffective...

  • Outcome Thinking
  • Even great presenters have to face pressures, awkward situations, and sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges. So what separates effective presenters from ineffective presenters?...

  • Sensory Language and Story-Telling
  • Sensory language encourages the audience to think in terms of taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight. It's much more three-dimensional way than simple descriptive or declarative language...

  • You're In Charge!
  • Great presenters know they’re in charge of nearly every element of the presentation...

During The Presentation

  • Congruence
  • When delivering a speech, it’s important that all the elements of the presentation, the content, vocal and physical delivery, are all congruent...

  • Q and A
  • Advanced presenters understand that Q&A, or the question and answer period that follow an address, is just as important as the presentation itself...

  • Conclusion Call to Action
  • The way you end a presentation is just as important as the way you begin. In fact, many great speeches end precisely where they started...

After The Presentation

  • Overview
  • Advanced Speakers know the real work begins after the speech has ended...


  • Actions
  • Here's a reminder of what you need to do to give a really impressive presentation. The key to presentation skills is commitment, and its really helpful to break your presentation into sections. In this video, Tim explains.

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