Be Nice, Not Nasty

Delivering Compelling Feedback

Boost the confidence of others around you and help them to learn about themselves.

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Delivering Compelling Feedback

Boost the confidence of others around you and help them to learn about themselves.

Course Outcome

  • The skill of active listening
  • How to stage the conversation
  • To set expectations & avoid pitfalls
  • Different feedback models


Delivering Compelling Feedback

Boost the confidence of others around you and help them to learn about themselves.

Course Outline

Evidence Based Approach

  • Being Disciplined and Scientific
  • The best feedback is translated into practice on a small set of critical performance indicators using terms people readily understand.

Remember to Listen First

  • Active Listening
  • When giving feedback, the fatal mistake is to fail to listen as it will destroy your credibility and the employee's belief in the usefulness of feedback.

Positive Reinforcement

  • Identifying & Encouraging Good Behaviour
  • Positive reinforcement strengthens behavior and is a system of rewards that can simply take the shape of thoughtful, appreciative feedback.

Staging the Conversation

  • Where, When, How?
  • When planning a feedback session, respecting the employee's time, space, and privacy is incredibly important.

Setting Up Expectations and Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Ineffective Feedback
  • This film takes a look at six reasons why feedback can often be counterproductive.

Feedback Models

  • BOOST and SMART are both acronyms to help you to remember what's important when you're giving feedback.

  • Discussing the effect of an employee's behaviour that you see as negative, can be challenging. Here are two models to help

  • GROWTH is a model that asks you and your employee to share perspectives on what has already happened, and what ought to happen, going forward.

Language Traps and Tricks

  • Word Choices
  • This video provides more ideas around the trickier aspects of providing feedback.


  • Feedback as a Guided Inquiry and Self Reflection
  • Here are some simple questions that can form a useful part of the feedback conversation.


  • Actions
  • Start taking physical notes on the behaviours you observe in the feedback recipient. This final video of the course is full of useful suggestions.

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