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How to get organised & productive

Are you someone who has 101 things to do but doesn’t know where to start?

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Are you someone who has 101 things to do but doesn’t know where to start? You’ll find everything you need to get organised and become more productive here.

Courses in How to get organised & productive

Effective Time Management

Writing & Productivity

Effective Time Management

0:29 min

4 modules, 12 bite-sized videos

Lack of decision, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days!

  • How to identify your priorities
  • Discover what is wasting your time
  • How to declutter your worklife
  • Tools to manage your workflow

Mastering Your Memory

Writing & Productivity

Mastering Your Memory

0:17 min

5 modules, 10 bite-sized videos

Often overlooked, having a great memory has contributed to the success of many of the top people in business.

  • About the two main categories of memory
  • Acquisition, storage and retrieval
  • Non-mnemonic and mnemonic tools
  • How to remember names

Running Effective Meetings


Running Effective Meetings

0:57 min

6 modules, 24 bite-sized videos

Discover how to plan and execute inspiring, engaging and successful meetings

  • How to make a meeting work
  • What to do before a meeting
  • What to do during your meeting
  • How to deal with challenges

Effective Business Writing

Writing & Productivity

Effective Business Writing

2:0 hours

7 modules, 38 bite-sized videos

Your audience wants to know the concise purpose of your communication, stated as briefly as possible

  • How to formulate your message
  • The importance of the five W's
  • Why you need to use B.L.O.T.
  • To be relevant and clear

Personal Effectiveness and Wellbeing


Personal Effectiveness and Wellbeing

0:16 min

5 modules, 31 bite-sized videos

To live our lives at a more enriching level we need to spend and renew our energy in a healthier and more...

  • About the four sources of energy
  • About sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise
  • About breathing & interval resting
  • About positive energy rituals

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