How to master public speaking

Are you someone who has an important presentation, speech or pitch coming up?

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Are you someone who has an important presentation, speech or pitch coming up and wants to be able to speak with confidence and deliver a slick and polished performance?

Courses in How to master public speaking

Slide Deck Skills

Writing & Productivity

Slide Deck Skills

0:59 min

6 modules, 30 bite-sized videos

Discover the ability to craft slides that deliver clear, interesting and memorable messages.

  • How an audience thinks and memorises
  • How to create slides they will remember
  • How to discover and state your aim
  • How to tap into their emotions

Storytelling for Business


Storytelling for Business

0:50 min

6 modules, 16 bite-sized videos

Stories help to motivate, persuade and build alignment amongst teams. They warn, entertain, enlighten and inspire to action.

  • The three ancient pillars of persuasion
  • How to establish trust
  • How to reach the audience's emotions
  • The seven basic story plots

Confidence and Self-Esteem


Confidence and Self-Esteem

0:43 min

4 modules, 24 bite-sized videos

Having confidence and self-esteem is not a skill but a result of behaviours that you can learn about and adopt.

  • To silence your inner negative monologue
  • To focus more on the greatness of others
  • To be more aware of yourself
  • To accept yourself more

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